Helping Kids All Over the World

We Have the Power to Impact Our Future, and We’re Doing Something About It

The planet and its people are being torn apart by economic, religious, and ethnic differences!

Because of this, our children are suffering in the form of malnutrition, lack of adequate education, clean water, healthcare, shelter and other basic needs.

How can we know about this and not take action?

If you are on this site, I already know, children across the world have touched your heart. I hope you will join me and declare: 

NO CHILD Shall be

  • Emotionally, physically, or nutritionally deprived.           
  • Without proper shelter, clothing or physical comfort.
  • Without clean drinking water or ever go hungry.
  • Without the opportunity for education and the ability to succeed in life.
  • Demeaned and/or bullied, ever.

At Kids Better World, we feel it is a great injustice that so many of our children struggle to survive; without even the basics which most of us take for granted.



Seeking to provide the basic human needs of all children, equipping them with the Values of Diversity, Self-Determination, and Responsibility as the path to a prosperous, joyful and humane life.