The Future

We hear these words often, “Children are our Future”, ALL children.   And… if we don’t reach out and help them with education, food, clothing and shelter, what will happen to them… and to US?

It’s not just about our own individual families, this is really about the global child. As s/he ages, will s/he be whole and able to assume responsibility and make a contribution?  Basic needs such as food, shelter, affection, and education are vital to the development of self and to each child’s self- esteem. When this is missing or denied, the world suffers a loss. The dysfunctional will rule with an iron fist. Some will blindly follow and some will revolt. Is this the world to which we aspire? This struggle isn't really necessary and the time to make a change and stand together is NOW!

It has been a personal dream to be an instrument in the process of peace and to do this with and through children. Personally, I believe that it is time to stop paying lip-service, to stop simply planting seeds and to start taking those actions which we all know are so vital.Our children deserve more than what they’re getting in this world now.  Initially, I thought I could take on the world by myself. However, I realized that I did not need to be THE advocate working alone. There are others, like you and me, who can make a difference. We can become a collective force. My thinking expanded and compelled me to put something bigger in place.  I knew I needed to work with those who had less in other countries as well. I chose a Continent where lack and suffering, especially for the children. I chose Africa and its millions of orphans.

No longer can I sit by and let those who suffer continue to do so.

​My mission
 is to reach out to children on seven continents so that someday, all our children will be positioned to help each another: An International Force! We can all work together in creating peaceful harmony, celebrating, honoring and respecting their and our differences. When that happens, we’ll have a global society we can be proud of and say, “I had a part in this and made it happen!” What an incredible feeling!

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