How to get involved

How You Can Help:
Choose to Become an Ambassador in helping us build and create a better future for children the world over.

  • Give us Some of Your Time
  • Become a Team Leader and help us gather the resources
  • Come with us! People are needed to teach and train so that when we leave, there will be a group of self-sufficient leaders left behind. 
  • Offer whatever skills you have and we’ll find a way for them to be used. 

Donate Items:

  • Clothing
  • School supplies (new or nearly new) 
  • Medical supplies
  • Financial support
  • Spread the Word

Money and resources are always needed ….. money can deliver magic ….. to those in need.   
Money is what the children and the community need for food, and to grant these ‘Three Desperately’ needed wishes (of this particular region):

  • Generator
  • Sterilizer
  • Wells for clean water 

Clearly, help is needed and you can see it is not a task for one person.   Who, in addition to yourself do YOU know who would love to step forward to help make a difference in these children’s lives?

Become an Ambassador Today Help is Desperately Needed Now!

A frisbee for eating the main meal of the day  and a less than sturdy mug - with no table for eating