Puritii Questions and Answers

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The ARIIX Patent-Pending Puritii bottles are available in a sweat-less stainless steel or durable, flexible plastic. When used together, the Puritii Bottle and Puritii Filter combine the power of science with the purity of nature to ensure a safe supply of drinking water anywhere in the world.Picture

Questions & Answers

Q: Why should a person drink filtered water? Isn't water from the tap safe?
A: Water quality standards are set by the EPA and cities and states are required to comply with the minimum standards. Most cities are tested once or twice per year. Many cities have water that is flowing in pipes that are more than 100 years old. Many of these pipes even contain lead. Other cities recycle waste water by treating it with large amounts of chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride, then sending it right back to you. All of these chemicals are allowed by the EPA and are most likely in your tap water right now.

There will be other times and situations where water quality is uncertain and may be contaminated with microorganisms such as protozoans, bacteria or virus. Using the ARIIX filter bottle, you can drink the water with confidence, knowing that you are protected from both chemical and microbiological contaminants, and that your water has been filtered using the most advanced filtration method available today.

Q: What is the Pore Size of the ARIIX Filter?
A: The ARIIX filter does not have a pore size rating – it is instead rated by what it is tested and certified to remove. The ARIIX filter is tested and certified to remove the EPA requirement of >99.9% of Giardia and Cryptosporidium, >99.9999% of Bacteria, and >99.99% of Virus. These tests are conducted on each material lot of filter media prior to Quality Assurance acceptance and assembly. Each filter is lot stamped and all components are traceable to an acceptance test standard. Be careful of filters that use wording like “virtually” or “up-to” in their claims or any claim that states less than the required removal ratings above.

Q: Why isn't the ARIIX filter pore size rated?
A: Pore size ratings are arbitrary and can be misleading. We prefer to rate a filter by what it actually removes, rather than an estimated size of a random hole. Since there are several different types of filter media in the marketplace and all of them are constructed differently, it is almost impossible to make a single statement to classify a filter. For example, some filters are made up of fibers and do not have holes at all. We believe that it is more important to know what is being stopped by the filter than the size of the hole that stopped it.

Q: Does the ARIIX filter remove bacteria and virus?
A: In order to make a valid bacteria and virus claim a filter must remove >99.9999% (commonly referred to as “6 logs”) of bacteria and >99.99%, or 4 logs, of virus. Many filter companies make misleading bacteria claims with lower removal ratings than required by the EPA. A statement claiming fewer than the required “nines” mean that the filter was tested to a lower standard, or that when it was tested to the higher standard, an unacceptable number of organisms passed through the filter. The ARIIX filter meets and exceeds the EPA requirement for removal of bacteria and virus and is always reported as “greater than” the required number of “nines.”

1. The “Patent Pending” Zeo-sleeve” technology incorporates the “molecular-sieving” power of pure, natural zeolite that is surface treated to kill bacteria and virus using “molecular spear” technology. This surface treatment uses chains of molecules that are so thin, they actually pierce the cell walls of the organisms, killing them on contact. Natural zeolite is also highly effective in reducing lead and other heavy metals.

2. “High Zeta” filtration media that incorporates electropositive charged glass “nanofibers” to actually “pull” microorganisms out of the water stream like a magnet and hold them tight to the filter surface making it possible to filter out very small particles such as virus without compromising flow.

3. Sub-micron sized activated carbon particles embedded in the filter media remove chlorine, volatile organic compounds, harmful chemicals, foul tastes and odors, while improving the taste of the water.

Q: Why not drink bottled water?
A: If you think that gas prices are high, you ought to do some calculations on the cost of bottled water. The average price for a 1L bottle of water in a convenience store is around $1.50. That multiplies out to over $6.00/gallon. It is even more expensive if you calculate the cost of a 16 oz. bottle. The ARIIX Filter bottle will filter 50 gallons of water before it needs to be replaced. An equivalent amount of bottled water would cost you $300.00 based on the cost of a 1L bottle of water.

Q: Can the ARIIX filter be recycled?
A: No, The ARIIX water filter contains about 2oz. of plastic waste that goes to the land fill each time it is replaced. The remainder of the filter that is discarded consists of natural materials such as carbon and zeolite that are biodegradable. PET water bottles, in comparison, are highly resistant to biodegradation in the environment and can languish in landfills for centuries.

Q: How is the ARIIX filter different from other filters?

A: The ARIIX filter was developed using a combination of the most advanced filtration technologies and materials known today. Other filters may incorporate one or two of the filtration technologies that are designed into the ARIIX water filter but only the ARIIX water filter combines them all into one single filter capsule that fits in the palm of your hand.

The unique, patent-pending design of ARIIX filters incorporates three separate filtration technologies. Each technology performs a specific function that, when combined, provides performance like no other.

Q: Why is carbon important?
A: Activated carbon is effective in removing contaminants in two ways: mechanical entrapment and adsorption. The porous nature of activated carbon sieves particles from the fluid stream by entrapping them as they come into contact with the surfaces of the carbon. Absorption is a function of attraction that actually “pulls” contaminants out of the fluid based on charge differential and other chemical attractions. This is how carbon improves the taste and removes odors from the water.

Q: Will my ARIIX filter get nasty when not in use?
A: The ARIIX Water Filter incorporates a silver-based antimicrobial that suppresses the growth of bacteria, algae, fungus, mold and mildew within the filter media. This antimicrobial does not protect the user against food-borne or disease-causing bacteria, viruses, germs or other disease-causing organisms. The purpose of the antimicrobial is to keep your ARIIX filter fresh every time you use it. The antimicrobial allows short term storage of the filter without the need to dry out the filter element.

Q: How do I know when it is time to replace the filter?
A: Over time the ability of the ARIIX filter to remove contaminants will be reduced and should be replaced after 8 weeks of use. You may notice a reduction in flow and more difficulty drinking as the filter becomes plugged with contaminants. ARIIX has tested the filter in extreme conditions with more than double the rated capacity of 50 gallons, but since water conditions vary from location to location, ARIIX recommends changing the filter after 8 weeks of use to assure that it is providing the maximum level of protection for the entire recommended period.

Q: What is so special about the ARIIX water bottle design?
A: The stainless steel water bottle is constructed of medical grade 304 ss. The double wall, vacuum chamber construction keeps cold water cold, and prevents the bottle from “sweating” in humid environments. The beautiful black coating is chip, scratch and dishwasher resistant and the “rubberized” bottom prevents skids and slips. The ARIIX Stainless Steel bottle holds 20oz. of water with the filter in place.

The Plastic bottle is made of FDA grade LDPE plastic that does not contain BPA and is one of the most recyclable materials available. It is easy to squeeze to aid in drinking. It is lightweight and will not dent when dropped. The ARIIX LDPE water bottle holds 20oz. of water with the filter in place.

Both bottles incorporate a handy “finger ring” to make carrying the bottle easier. The flip top valve is easy to operate and includes a handy dust cover to keep the mouthpiece clean. The cap is especially designed to accept the filter and hold it in place with a contamination free seal simply by inserting the filter with a slight twist.

Q: Can we put hot or warm water into the Puritii bottle?
A: The plastic can withstand boiling water (210˚F/100˚C) But it will become very soft and it will be hot in the users hand. We do not recommend temperatures over 150˚F/65˚C in either bottle.

Q: Is your PURITII product independently certified to EPA guide standard protocol by microbiological purifiers against bacteria, cyst and viruses?
A: Yes it is independently certified. Note that the EPA guide standard is 3 logs of Crypto, 6 logs of Bacteria, and 4 logs of virus. All of which PURITII passed with flying colors on the test conducted by BCS Labs.description, where you can go into more detail about the item mentioned here.